NASCIO Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the elected governance body of NASCIO and is responsible for directing, through executive management, the general business of the Association. The general duties of the Executive Committee include strategic planning, establishing membership policy, dues; and approving the annual budget and business workplan of the Association. The Executive Committee also establishes committees, receives recommendations and reports from various committees and monitors the performance of the Association. The President is the Chairperson of the Executive Committee.

Staff contact: Doug Robinson, Executive Director 
Phone: 859.514.9171

Committee Roster

Darryl AckleyPresident:
Darryl Ackley

Secretary and Chief Information Officer
Department of Information Technology
State of New Mexico

Mark RaymondVice President:
Mark Raymond

Chief Information Officer
Department of Administrative Services
State of Connecticut

Calvin Rhodes

Executive Director and State Chief Information Officer
Georgia Technology Authority
State of Georgia
Stu DavisPast President:
Stu Davis

Chief Information Officer and Assistant Director
Department of Administrative Services
State of Ohio


Thomas BadenThomas Baden
Commissioner and Chief Information Officer
MN.IT Services
State of Minnesota
  Gale Given PictureGale Given
Chief Technology Officer
State Office of Technology
State of West Virginia
Ron Baldwin
Chief Information Officer
Department of Administration
State of Montana
  Bo Reese
Chief Information Officer
Office of Management and Enterprise Services
State of Oklahoma
Craig Orgeron
Chief Information Officer and Executive Director
Department of Information Technology Services
State of Mississippi
  Jim Smith PictureJim Smith
Chief Information Officer
Department of Administrative and Financial Services
State of Maine

Corporate Leadership Council Representatives (ex officio)

Jennifer Axt
Corporate Leadership Council Chair
EMC Corporation
Lauren Sallata
Corporate Leadership Council Vice-Chair
Xerox Public Sector Solutions