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The important work of NASCIO is conceived and executed by business and operating committees comprised of volunteer members and supported by association staff. In addition to the Executive Committee, NASCIO has operating committees and ad hoc issues committees and working groups that report to the Executive Committee.

Ad Hoc Issues Committees and Working Groups: Each program year, issue committees and working groups are chartered by the Executive Committee to address priority issues of the membership. These groups may be authorized for a limited scope and duration, with a specific charge directed at a topical issue.

Members only: Complete the form below, if you would like to volunteer on a NASCIO committee or working group.

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In addition to the Ad Hoc Committees and Working Groups, NASCIO has the following five Operating Committees that support the business goals of NASCIO.

Programs Committee: The Programs Committee oversees the development of the program portion of NASCIO's annual and midyear conferences. The committee works with staff to develop the program theme, assist in developing the program outline, and select speakers, moderators and session topics. The committee is chaired by the vice president. Committee membership is comprised of state, associate and corporate members appointed on an annual basis by the president and confirmed by the Executive Committee.

Awards Committee: The Awards Committee administers NASCIO's State IT Recognition Awards program, including making recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding the state honorees. Committee membership is comprised of state, associate and corporate members appointed on an annual basis by the president and confirmed by the Executive Committee. The co-chairs are appointed by the president.

Corporate Leadership Council (CLC): The Corporate Leadership Council represents NASCIO's corporate members, increases communication among the corporate membership, and acclimates new corporate members to the NASCIO culture. The CLC may choose to undertake an annual project in support of NASCIO's mission and vision. The council is comprised of corporate members in good standing, as well as one ex officio state member; in practice, the NASCIO president is the ex officio member.

Nominations Committee: The Nominations Committee develops the annual slate of officers and directors for consideration of the Executive Committee and voting membership. The committee is appointed by the president and comprised of the immediate past president and six state members, three of whom are members of the Executive Committee. The immediate past president chairs the committee but votes only in the case of a tie.

Audit Committee: The Audit Committee assists the Executive Committee in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to the annual audit. The committee is comprised of the secretary-treasurer, who is the chairperson, and two or more members of the Executive Committee appointed by the president.


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