Watch on Washington – August 19, 2020

NASCIO Endorses $28 Billion Legislation to Address SLTT IT and Cybersecurity Issues

The bicameral and bipartisan, State and Local IT Modernization and Cybersecurity Act was introduced on August 14. The legislation seeks to provide state and local governments with dedicated grant funding in order to directly respond to IT issues relating to COVID-19, modernize legacy IT systems and to improve their overall cybersecurity resilience.  Full bill text can be found here.


NASCIO’s Endorsement Statement:

“On behalf of the nation’s state chief information officers (CIOs), NASCIO sincerely appreciates the introduction of the bipartisan, State and Local IT Modernization and Cybersecurity Act. As states are charged with administering critically important federal programs and benefits, this legislation aims to make significant investments in modernizing state and local IT infrastructure. We also appreciate the sponsors recognition of the vital role of state CIOs and IT agencies, who throughout the ongoing pandemic have continued to experience unprecedented demands to ensure the delivery of timely and critical services to citizens while maintaining and protecting the continuity of government. We look forward to working together with the House and Senate to ensure the passage of the State and Local IT Modernization and Cybersecurity Act.” -Doug Robinson, NASCIO Executive Director


Press Coverage of the Legislation can be found here:

The Hill