NASCIO Technology Champion Award

NASCIO’s Technology Champion Award recognizes one individual annually for outstanding contributions in the field of information technology in the public sector. The recipient champions the critical role of IT and innovation in the business and continuity of state government and advances the belief that IT is a transformational tool that enables positive change for citizens.

Nominees may be elected or appointed officials representing federal, state or local government. They might also be an academician, author, journalist, or from the non-profit or private sector. Nominations are accepted from members, non-members and staff.

The selection of the recipient is made by the NASCIO Executive Committee, they draw heavily on their expertise as leaders in information technology.
The selection criteria focus on:
▪ An individual whose personal leadership has made a critical contribution to the effective use of information technology in the public sector.
▪ An innovator whose work has made demonstrable impacts to advance information technology as an effective tool for government.

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