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The important work of NASCIO is conceived and executed by business and operating committees comprised of engaged members and supported by association staff. In addition to the Executive Committee, NASCIO has operating committees and ad hoc issues committees and working groups that report to the Executive Committee.

One of the best ways to get involved in NASCIO is by actively participating in the committees and working groups. Interested in participating? Complete our Interest Form and let us know where you'd like to be involved. You are welcome to join a committee or working group throughout the program year however, a call for participants will be sent out each November highlighting any changes or additions to the committees/working groups for the next year. 

 *Based on volunteer interest expressed in November the NASCIO President will appoint committee members for the 2020 Programs Committee and 2020 Awards Committee. Those designated to serve on the 2020 Programs Committee and 2020 Awards Committee will be contacted by NASCIO staff in December. 

Operating Committees

Committees and Working Groups

Issue Statement: To preserve government's ability to serve citizens, state CIOs must help protect state IT systems and services, while preserving the privacy of personal and sensitive information within those systems. State governments meet this obligation in the context of the larger IT network that interconnects state, local, and federal systems and allows direct citizen interaction with government programs and services through the Internet. A major focus is integration and coordination of federal, state, local government, and private sector efforts that further a national cyber security agenda.

Goals and Objectives: Support NASCIO's strategic objective of protecting the information technology infrastructure of the twenty-first century.

The committee focuses on the intersection between security and privacy to help state CIOs formulate high-level security and data protection policies and technical controls to secure the states' information systems and protect the personal and sensitive information within them. The committee monitors new security and privacy threats created by emerging technologies, as well as federal privacy and security legislation for collateral impact on the states. The committee fulfills NASCIO's goals of strengthening state CIOs' awareness of important IT issues and promoting the sharing of best practices, experiences and expertise.

To learn more about work products of the Cybersecurity Committee, click here.

Meeting Schedule: The committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm Eastern.

Committee Chair:  Mark Raymond, State of Connecticut; Greg Zickau, State of Idaho

Staff contact: Meredith Ward
Phone: 859.514.9209
E-mail: [email protected]

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