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For immediate release: April 18, 2018
Contact: Meredith Ward

NASCIO Releases State CIO as Broker: A New Model


LEXINGTON, Ky., Wednesday, April 18 — The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) has released a first in a series on the topic of “multisourcing” describing the need for a new operating model for orchestrating a wide portfolio of resources for delivering government IT services.

NASCIO is conducting research this year on the topic of multisourcing and the bringing together of multiple service providers, both internal and external, using a new operating model.  A key role in this operating model is the Multisourcing Service Integrator or MSI. States are looking for ways to deliver on demand for a more diversified portfolio of services and technologies.  In order to that meet demand and maintain enterprise wide standards the new operating model that is emerging can appear to be fairly complex.  NASCIO’s research project is intended to help forge the way forward to provide best practices and a maturity assessment for states.

Dr. Craig Orgeron, co-chair of the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture & Governance Committee and chief information officer for the state of Mississippi stated, “States are advancing in their service and technology portfolios to include a wide variety of partners, technologies and underlying architectures.  We have to employ a new operating model that will provide the critical capabilities for effectively organizing and managing these elements, so they can be orchestrated to deliver a set of coordinated solutions across the state government enterprise.”

“We’re highlighting a framework for describing and managing the necessary inherent change toward this new operating model that takes into consideration political and market forces, maintains a customer focus, and leverages best practices in areas such as procurement and delivery,” stated Eric Boyette, co-chair of the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture & Governance Committee and chief information officer for the state of North Carolina. “These forces are then grounded on certain change principles.  Most important is ensuring decisions are made with the citizen in mind.”

NASCIO will continue its research through 2018 culminating with a final report to be released at the NASCIO Annual Conference in October 2018.

The report is available for download at