NASCIO Hosts Youth from Baltimore’s Digital Harbor Foundation at Midyear Conference

Youth participating in Maker Foundations, a program of the Digital Harbor Foundation (DHF), were on site at the NASCIO 2016 Midyear Conference to showcase technology projects created during the course. Maker Foundations is a 14-week exploratory course for middle and high school youth that provides exposure to emerging technologies such as 3D printing, interactive electronics and game design. The course culminates with each participant creating a technology project that incorporates the newly mastered technologies. 

In addition to visiting with youth about the projects, NASCIO members provided monetary support for the program through NASCIO Give Back, a program created to show appreciation to the community hosting the NASCIO conference.  Donations will be collected online at and on site during the conference. A suggested donation of $35 will provide a week of instructional time for one student; DHF operates Maker Foundations on a pay-what-you-can model. 

The Digital Harbor Foundation is a nonprofit youth makerspace and technology outlet dedicated to fostering education, entrepreneurship and technology advancement, especially for underserved youth in inner-city Baltimore. DHF aims youth toward interests and skills that build new pathways to technology and engineering careers, especially those who lack a support structure – in supplies, mentorship, or community – to find creative technology opportunities on their own. Learn more at