NASCIO Issues Blockchains – Advancing Digital State Government

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) today released the first in a series of briefs focused on blockchains. Blockchain technology can be employed in a variety of ways and the ideas for using this technology are just beginning to be explored. Blockchain technology can assist with transactions, creating a necessary audit trail, authorizing a decision, authenticating authority and establishing a system of record. 

“State CIOs, as technology and innovation leaders, are continually focused on solutions which can bring efficiency and effectiveness to the government enterprise. Blockchain technology possesses potential to transform numerous services delivered by government agencies at all levels, offering enhanced security, transparency and reliability,” said Dr. Craig Orgeron, chief information officer, state of Mississippi, and chair of the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture & Governance Committee. “This initial brief from the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture Committee will open an exploratory dialogue to what may be a game-changing technology.”

“Blockchain holds tangible promise for Illinois’ citizens and businesses and we are committed to exploring and embracing the technology’s potential for our state,” said Mike Wons, chief technology officer, state of Illinois. “As we move forward, we look forward to collaborating with all government entities, businesses, organizations and academia interested in participating in this exciting opportunity to join NASCIO in exploring the potential of blockchain technology.”

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