NASCIO Issues Call to Action for States: Develop Advanced Cyber Analytics Capabilities

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) today published a call to action for states to develop advanced cyber analytics capabilities.

The report presents a definition of advanced cyber analytics, why it is important, and makes the case that states need to invest in such capabilities now.

All organizations, including state government, must also develop and maintain response capabilities that continuously mature in sophistication in order to keep pace with an ever changing threat landscape. State government remains in a defensive position. With the advent of multi-vector strategies by cyber criminals, state government now more than ever needs the ability to correlate disparate data sources generated from the myriad of security tools agencies have already invested in.

“In partnership with the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, NASCIO makes the case for advanced cyber analytics,” said NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson. “In the future, advanced persistent threats will become more and more sophisticated. States must move away from merely waiting for the next attack and respond to a more predictive stance in anticipating attacks so they can put necessary defense in place in advance.”

“With this issue brief we’re making a call to action to states and territories to make investment in cyber analytics a priority,” said Darryl Ackley, cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Department of Information Technology and NASCIO president. “We present a checklist, key questions and recommendations to help states begin to move forward with advanced analytics.”

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