NASCIO Issues Part II of Guidance for State CIOs on IT Accessibility

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) today released part II of a brief on accessibility in information technology (IT) procurement. Part I, released in July, 2015, introduced a new, policy-driven approach to information and communications technology (ICT) accessibility for state CIOs, procurement organizations, and vendors. Part II includes states in practice and adoption information for states.
NASCIO has long advocated for a broad interpretation of enterprise architecture and a governance model with a connection to business processes and a roadmap that informs both the state’s procurement of IT and the supplier community. One issue that has not received enough attention and is an imperative in today’s society is accessibility in ICT and the process to integrate these requirements in state government procurement.
“As significant buyers of information and communications technology, states have an obligation to set the public policy direction and the opportunity to stimulate the capabilities of the supplier community,” said NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson.
Policy-Driven Adoption for Accessibility (PDAA) can help strategically drive a culture of accessibility, generating accessible products and services. The benefits of using PDAA tools include improving marketability and reducing risk to both vendors and procurement organizations by addressing inclusiveness and equal opportunity in the digital age.
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