NASCIO Looks to Work With Federal CIO to Harmonize Agency Grant Rules

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 29, 2015 — Today members of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) met with Federal CIO Tony Scott to discuss opportunities to work together to identify potential updates to and harmonization of existing federal agency rules that impact states’ use of information technology. State CIOs discussed with Scott federal program requirements and directives imposed by federal agencies that have unintentionally hindered state government efforts to modernize service channels, integrate program delivery, and achieve better outcomes for its citizens at lower cost. 

“State innovation is often derailed not only by technology rules that haven’t kept up with new IT business practices, but also inconsistent interpretation and application of them by federal agencies,” explained Stu Davis, president of NASCIO and CIO, state of Ohio. “We want to work with Mr. Scott and the federal government to harmonize grant requirements when it comes to information technology policy, and incentivize states to take cross jurisdictional and enterprise approaches to technology that result in cost reductions and improved services for citizens.” 

NASCIO members met with Scott at the association’s annual fly-in, where more than 50 state CIOs and state technology policy officials came together with federal officials and key stakeholders on national issues that impact state IT services.