NASCIO Observes Electronic Records Day

LEXINGTON, Ky., Wednesday, October 10 — Today, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) observes Electronic Records Day, sponsored by the Council of State Archivists (CoSA). In conjunction with Electronic Records Day, NASCIO announces the impending release of a playbook for the digital preservation of electronic records, written together with CoSA. Electronic Records Day is celebrated every year on October 10 as an opportunity to share what your state or organization is doing to manage digital resources and preserve electronic records.

“State governments have seen a rapidly increasing volume of digital records in the last several years. States must be intentional and focus on governance and management of electronic records,” said Doug Robinson, NASCIO Executive Director. “State officials know this, however greater attention to an enterprise e-records roadmap and more collaboration will accelerate progress. To assist officials, NASCIO and CoSA will be releasing a playbook for the digital preservation of electronic records in the next several days.”

In recognition of the seventh anniversary of E-Records Day, CoSA has promoted electronic records awareness leading up to October 10 and placed a special focus on electronic communications in state government agencies, the general public, and related professional organizations.

CoSA reminds us that electronic records need regular attention and care in order to remain accessible. Join NASCIO and CoSA in raising awareness of digital records and the importance of their preservation.

See CoSA’s Electronic Records Day page for more information and tips on managing e-records at