NASCIO on Limitations on Liability for IT Procurement – Any Progress?

LEXINGTON, Ky., Thursday, January 24 — The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) is pleased to announce the release of updated research into the changes in state IT procurement. NASCIO’s 2004 publication

NASCIO on Unlimited Liability – Gaining Traction on the Road to “Win-Win” recommended changes to the state IT procurement policy regarding limitations on liability, and research from 2010 and 2012 show subtle changes have occurred in the states.

This infographic indicates which states have limitations on liability in statute, which states have none, and which states are able to negotiate limitations on a case by case basis, and compares the current situation to previous NASCIO research. This report is available at:

NASCIO State IT Procurement Modernization Committee Co-Chair and State CIO of Oklahoma Alex Pettit stated, “In compiling this research, it became apparent that many states were investigating their statutes and policies on limitations of liability, and that though there have been changes since the publication in 2004, there is still work to be done so IT procurements can more often be win-win situations for states and vendors.”

The research indicates minor changes in state IT procurement liability limitations and suggests that more progress is needed.