NASCIO Releases 2021 Federal Advocacy Priorities: Continues Call for Harmonized Cyber Regulations

LEXINGTON, KY., January 14, 2021 — Today, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released its 2021 federal advocacy priorities. As state CIOs are asked to take on an increasing role to protect state and local governments from a constant barrage of cybersecurity threats, NASCIO’s advocacy priorities reflect the importance of collaboration between states and the federal government to ensure cyber resiliency. The priorities are:

  • Harmonize Disparate Federal Cybersecurity Regulations
  • Authorize and Appropriate a Dedicated Cybersecurity Grant Program for State and Local Governments
  • Advocate for Widespread Adoption of DotGov Domain
  • Provide Funding for State Governments to Modernize Legacy IT
  • Expand Broadband Access and Reform FCC Mapping Methodology Systems

Fact sheets regarding the above priorities can be found here.

“Cybersecurity is a critical part of the business of state government and these priorities reflect the importance of a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity,” said NASCIO President and New Hampshire Commissioner and CIO Denis Goulet. “COVID-19 has also shed light on issues, like modernization and broadband, that states have grappled with for years. It is our hope that highlighting these topics in our advocacy priorities will help states confront these challenges.”

The association’s federal advocacy priorities are selected by NASCIO’s executive committee and reflect policy priorities as indicated by association members in the State CIO Top Ten (

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Meredith Ward
Director of Policy and Research
National Association of State Chief Information Officers