NASCIO Releases Playbook for State Enterprise Data Center Consolidation

LEXINGTON, Ky., Thursday, November 16 — On Thursday, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released a new publication entitled, “Shrinking State Data Centers: A Playbook for Enterprise Data Center Consolidation.”

In addition to a discussion of the benefits and barriers to consolidation, the playbook lays out ten steps for State CIOs who have yet to complete enterprise data center consolidation. The publication illustrates the plays via real world experiences described through interviews with State CIOs and others involved in consolidating state data centers.

“NASCIO published a paper on enterprise data center consolidation in 2007, and we felt it was time to revisit this important issue and share lessons learned in the last decade,” explained NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson.

“Having just completed the process of enterprise data center consolidation in Oklahoma, I can verify both the benefits as well as the detailed planning that is required. NASCIO’s playbook will be a welcome tool to states who are early in the process” stated Bo Reese, NASCIO President and Chief Information Officer for Oklahoma.

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