State Chief Information Officer Stu Davis, State of Ohio, Profiled in NASCIO State CIOs Make a Difference Campaign

State Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Assistant Director of the Department of Administration Services (DAS) Stu Davis is making a difference for Ohio by driving savings and efficiencies and investing in citizen and business centric services.

Over the next two weeks, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers will feature the work and accomplishments of Davis and DAS in the State CIOs Make a Difference Campaign. Ohio’s profile will specifically highlight the state’s successes in IT optimization and what that foundation will allow Ohio to accomplish in the near future. 

“Collaboration was key to our success,” said Davis, chief information officer, state of Ohio. “We developed tactical plans with a group of over 100 state employees from IT, HR, fiscal, you name it, that became our IT Transformation Approach. This was our roadmap; we planned the work and worked the plan.”

To learn more about Davis and the work of DAS, see the information sheet. Visit the campaign website at and follow #StateCIOsRock for campaign highlights and updates.