Accenture-NASCIO Releases Agile Development Report: Success Factors for State Government Leaders

AUSTIN, Tex., October 2, 2017 – A newly released report from Accenture and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) highlights “Agile delivery” critical success factors for state government technology projects. The final report, Agile IT Delivery: Imperatives for Government Success includes subsequent in-depth interviews of state government technology, management and program experts and builds on survey findings released in April 2017.

Accenture and NASCIO surveyed and interviewed a number of state government leaders to answer some of the key questions facing organizations as they prepare for an agile IT program. They were asked to describe their experiences with agile and then share how, where and to what extent they succeeded.

NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson said, “We learned a lot from our state CIOs and agency leaders that have successfully implemented Agile methods.  As an example, Agile will require a different approach and mindset regarding procurement and budgeting. And it is critical to maintain organizational engagement throughout the project.”

Seven key factors emerged and are outlined in the report-all centered-on people and their willingness to embrace this methodology and collaborate at every step.  Most critically, agile initiatives require a clear plan of action.

“Agile delivery is helping early public-sector adopters develop and launch technology initiatives more efficiently and with more focus on citizen needs,” said Keir Buckhurst, Accenture. “Citizens increasingly expect the same type of digital experience in the public sector that businesses are providing, and the Agile approach supports efforts to meet those rising expectations.”

For some of the right questions to ask before you “go agile,” see the full survey results — visit NASCIO Resources – Unleash the New: State Governments Get Agile and the final report is at Agile IT Delivery: Imperatives for Government Success.