NASCIO Releases Building Successful Relationships: State CIO Advice for IT Partners, a brief focusing on state CIO/IT partner relationships

LEXINGTON, Ky., Thursday, March 5 — The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released a brief focusing on state CIO/IT partner relationships today. The NASCIO Corporate Leadership Council (a committee made up of NASCIO’s corporate members) interviewed State CIOs in 2014 to research best practices for IT partners when engaging with state CIOs.

Given today’s fiscal environment, states are turning to their IT partners to provide cost-effective delivery of citizen services. This brief focuses on the best strategies for IT partners to engage with state CIOs while building successful business relationships.

“As states face increasingly complex and often time-sensitive challenges, having an ecosystem of reliable and capable information technology partners is an imperative for success. Those CIOs and IT partners that work together to share ideas, best practices and emerging technologies are best able to respond to these challenges in an agile manner that produces results for the citizens. This paper helps identify some of those best practices,” said Microsoft’s Kim Nelson, who chaired the CLC during the project.

The five recommendations most widely agreed upon by State CIOs included being prepared, anticipating and understanding a state’s problems, knowing the best methods for securing and having meetings, developing and cultivating trust, and knowing how to use lobbyists effectively.

“The NASCIO Corporate Leadership Council, welcomes the opportunity to support the state CIOs by taking on meaningful projects like the creation of this brief. This was a chance to roll up our sleeves, research individual CIOs’ real world experience and gather our collective findings to produce this best-practice resource, valuable to inform both CIOs and corporate partners,” said current CLC Chair Pat Cummens of ESRI.

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