NASCIO Releases Federal Advocacy Priorities: Cybersecurity tops list, followed by modernizing regulations and collaborating on broadband projects

WASHINGTON, D.C., Tuesday, January 21 — The National Association of State Chief Information Officer’s (NASCIO) announced its 2015 federal advocacy priorities today. Cybersecurity is NASCIO’s top federal advocacy priority for 2015, followed by continuing to modernize federal regulations that hold back state innovation, and broadband projects for the public safety community and students.

More specifically, NASCIO will focus its advocacy for the year in the following areas:

1. Cybersecurity: Securing Public Networks, Readying the Nation

2. Modernize Outdated Federal Regulations Impacting State IT

3. Building a Sustainable Nationwide Public Safety Network

4. Collaboration on Broadband and Telecommunications

Fact sheets and additional details on the NASCIO’s 2015 federal advocacy priorities can be found at

“Cybersecurity is a critical concern and priority for state CIOs,” explained NASCIO President Stuart Davis, Chief Information Officer for the State of Ohio. “Our nation must do more to combat the asymmetrical, sophisticated threats our government networks face on a daily basis.” NASCIO is seeking greater resources and collaboration from the federal government to mature information sharing and coordinated cyber threat response, as well as ensuring states have access to talented cybersecurity professionals and advanced cybersecurity tools.

NASCIO will also be working with federal officials to reduce regulatory burdens that limit flexible use of IT solutions at the state level. Federal agency rules often limit states’ abilities to promote shared solutions and integrated channels of services. Ultimately, this means more tax dollars from citizens for duplicative, less efficient services.

In addition, NASCIO will continue to participate in a national conversation on a number of broadband and telecommunications related issues, including continuing the planning of the FirstNet public safety broadband network, promoting broadband connections for schools and libraries, and proposed changes to the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

“As technology evolves and increasingly integrates itself into how government interacts with the public and does business, we naturally need to update federal laws and programs to reflect that reality,” explained Mitch Herckis, Director of Government Affairs for NASCIO. “NASCIO’s goal is to work with our federal partners to secure public networks and build information technology solutions that best serve citizens.”

The association’s federal advocacy priorities for the year are selected by its Executive Committee based on the intersection of the leading policy priorities of state CIOs (available at and key opportunities to work with Congress and the executive branch.