Capitals in the Clouds Part VI: Cloud Procurement: From Solicitation to Signing

As first reported in the NASCIO/TechAmerica/Grant Thornton 2013 State CIO Survey, The Enterprise Imperative: Leading Through Governance, Portfolio Management, and Collaboration, states continue to turn to cloud solutions, with services such as email and storage remaining the most popular. 74% of respondents said that their state has some applications in the cloud. For several years now, the NASCIO has discussed the transition in the state information technology environment as state CIOs sought new approaches to traditional delivery models. The recession prompted state leaders to examine new approaches and leverage technology opportunities. The use of cloud services by state government is the most obvious manifestation of this transition. In 2011, NASCIO launched its Capitals in the Clouds series on this topic. Three years later, states continue to investigate and to leverage cloud solutions, software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service, with services such as email and data storage remaining the most popular.