NASCIO Voices | Episode 9: Responding to COVID-19 with Washington CIO Jim Weaver

NASCIO recorded and published an extra episode of NASCIO Voices this week in response to COVID-19. Because Washington State was hit early by the virus, we talked with that state’s CIO, Jim Weaver about how his team has responded to the technology needs of the state, unique cybersecurity issues, working with private sector partners, and some of the issues that come up when the majority of your workforce is sent home to work remotely.

NASCIO Voices | Episode 8: COVID-19 and an Unexpected Presidency with Denis Goulet

Amy and Matt talk with new NASCIO President and New Hampshire CIO Denis Goulet on his surprise rise to the NASCIO Presidency, COVID-19, his priorities in his state and the “magic” of building relationships within state government.

COVID-19 Planning and Response Guidance for State CIOs (v2 3.26.20)

Today we are facing a COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic. The situation is dynamic and moving fast.

  • What is the role of the state chief information officer (CIO) in coordinating a response with the Governor’s office and other state agencies?
  • What is the role of the state CIO when planning for reduced staff?
  • What are the critical issues that need to be prioritized to ensure continuity of operations for your organization?
  • What are challenges related to expanded remote access for employees?
  • What are the potential cybersecurity risks?
  • How does the current circumstance impact the current project portfolio?

State CIOs have an obligation to ensure that IT services continue during this pandemic outbreak and planning for such a scenario has become essential. As such is it imperative that state CIOs have a seat at the table with government leaders and take an active role in the state response to COVID-19. There are simple steps that state CIOs can follow during the next days and weeks.


NASCIO Voices | Episode 7: Georgia CTO Dr. Steve Nichols

Amy and Matt talk with Dr. Steve Nichols, Chief Technology Officer for the State of Georgia about cybersecurity, cloud, outsourcing and lessons learned working for four CIOs and four governors over 18 years.

NASCIO Voices | Episode 6: Emerging Tech in Utah with CIO Mike Hussey

Amy and Matt talk with Utah state CIO Mike Hussey about creating a culture that fosters innovation and emerging technology in state government and how the state is preparing to secure the 2020 elections.

NASCIO Voices | Episode 5: Maine CIO Fred Brittain

Amy and Matt interview Maine CIO Fred Brittain about his first year on the job, the differences between state government and the university system, his priorities as CIO,  recent meetings on Capitol Hill, and why you should come to Maine in the winter.

Technology Forecast 2020: What State and Local Government Technology Officials Can Expect (webinar)

This popular, annual webinar, presented by PTI and NASCIO, provides an overview of the pressing technology issues that will be impacting state and local governments for the coming year.

Doug Robinson, Executive Director, NASCIO, and Alan Shark, Executive Director, PTI will share their views of the technology landscape based on recent research activities and conversations with state and local government technology leaders.

NASCIO’s Slide Deck | PTI’s Slide Deck

Watch the Recording 

NASCIO Voices | Episode 4: NASCIO Federal Advocacy Priorities / Interview with NGA’s Mary Catherine Ott

In the first part of the episode, Amy talks with Matt about NASCIO’s newly-released federal advocacy priorities. Then Matt and Amy talk with Mary Catherine Ott who is the Legislative Director for Homeland Security and Public Safety for the National Governors Association about how the governors of the states are dealing with cybersecurity issues and NGA priorities around this issue.


The Future State CIO: How the Role will Drive Innovation

This report presents the results of a joint Accenture/NASCIO research project exploring the future role of the state CIO and how the state CIO will drive innovation.

The research included interviews and a survey of state CIOs to understand the role of state CIOs in promoting innovation in government.

  • The study explored how state IT organizations build the capacity to innovate and which best practices help in doing so.
  • We also examined how state CIOs embrace new and emerging technologies to create the best government outcomes.
  • Our report illuminates compelling opportunities, persistent obstacles, strategies for accelerating innovation and inspiring real-world case studies.
  • The report presents a set of practical recommendations for driving innovation.

Blog: Future State CIO: Catalyst and Convener of Innovation


Stronger Together: State and Local Cybersecurity Collaboration

The National Governors Association (NGA) and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released Stronger Together: State and Local Cybersecurity Collaboration. With a dramatic uptick in ransomware attacks across the country, governors, state CIOs and state government executives are designing and implementing programs to strengthen local partnerships in cybersecurity. The publication outlines promising programs that states have initiated to enhance collaboration with their local government counterparts for cyber resilience. It also provides high-level recommendations for state officials looking to strengthen partnerships with local government officials on cybersecurity.