NASCIO Voices | Episode 4: NASCIO Federal Advocacy Priorities / Interview with NGA’s Mary Catherine Ott

In the first part of the episode, Amy talks with Matt about NASCIO’s newly-released federal advocacy priorities. Then Matt and Amy talk with Mary Catherine Ott who is the Legislative Director for Homeland Security and Public Safety for the National Governors Association about how the governors of the states are dealing with cybersecurity issues and NGA priorities around this issue.


The Future State CIO: How the Role will Drive Innovation

This report presents the results of a joint Accenture/NASCIO research project exploring the future role of the state CIO and how the state CIO will drive innovation.

The research included interviews and a survey of state CIOs to understand the role of state CIOs in promoting innovation in government.

  • The study explored how state IT organizations build the capacity to innovate and which best practices help in doing so.
  • We also examined how state CIOs embrace new and emerging technologies to create the best government outcomes.
  • Our report illuminates compelling opportunities, persistent obstacles, strategies for accelerating innovation and inspiring real-world case studies.
  • The report presents a set of practical recommendations for driving innovation.


Stronger Together: State and Local Cybersecurity Collaboration

The National Governors Association (NGA) and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released Stronger Together: State and Local Cybersecurity Collaboration. With a dramatic uptick in ransomware attacks across the country, governors, state CIOs and state government executives are designing and implementing programs to strengthen local partnerships in cybersecurity. The publication outlines promising programs that states have initiated to enhance collaboration with their local government counterparts for cyber resilience. It also provides high-level recommendations for state officials looking to strengthen partnerships with local government officials on cybersecurity.


NASCIO Voices | Episode 3: Texas Ransomware with Todd Kimbriel and Nancy Rainosek

In our first episode of 2020 we interview Texas CIO Todd Kimbriel and Texas CISO Nancy Rainosek about how they handled the 2019 ransomware attacks on municipalities in their state. Todd and Nancy discuss how the state responded, the importance of planning for disasters and their top tips for cyber hygiene.

NASCIO Voices | Episode 2: Top Ten and Eric Sweden

NASCIO’s Eric Sweden joins the podcast to discuss the current top ten list, why he doesn’t think cybersecurity will ever drop off the list, historic trends and favorite foods for the holidays!

State CIO Top Ten Policy and Technology Priorities for 2020

NASCIO conducts a survey of the state CIOs to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government. The CIOs top ten priorities are identified and used as input to NASCIO’s programs, planning for conference sessions, and publications.


NASCIO Voices | Episode 1: NASCIO President Eric Boyette

In our inaugural episode we interview Eric Boyette who is the newly elected NASCIO president and Secretary and Chief Information Officer for the North Carolina Department of Information Technology. We talk to Eric about his priorities as NASCIO President and state CIO, how his office works with the national guard, election security, and customer relationship management.

The 2019 State CIO Survey

In its 10th iteration, the 2019 State CIO Survey, The Responsive State CIO: Connecting to the Customer, takes a deep dive into how state IT leaders are targeting their responses to customer needs, in addition to managing the evolving IT responsibilities of state leaders. The survey is a joint publication of NASCIO, Grant Thornton LLP and CompTIA and includes responses from 49 state and territory CIOs on a range of issues. Two new topics for this year are customer relationship management and state and local collaboration. The 2019 State CIO Survey also highlights CIO business models, IT cost management, workforce, cybersecurity, performance management, acquisition, cloud services, digital government, data management and analytics and emerging technologies.


Achieving the Promise of Artificial Intelligence

This year, NASCIO and the Center for Digital Government, with support from IBM, set out to understand state CIOs’ motivations, plans and deterrents around AI adoption. The survey, Delivering on Digital Government: Achieving the Promise of Artificial Intelligence, yielded responses from 45 states. The results reflect state leaders’ eagerness to gain efficiencies and free up their workforces for higher-value work, tempered by caution due to concerns around lack of data maturity and privacy policies, as well as a dearth of employees with the necessary skills for AI adoption.


Relationships Matter Most

As more states have adopted an enterprise approach to managing IT and as the role of the CIO has evolved from solely being a provider of services, to a broker of shared services, CIOs have been focusing more on agency customer relationship management. In this publication we discuss current strategies to improve customer/agency relationships and we provide some key steps toward customer relationship success.