Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration: Lessons from Current Practice & Upcoming Priorities

For the past decade and more, shared services in government have focused on standardizing and consolidating digital networks, data, and applications. This work is shifting control over operations upward from the program or agency level to the agency-wide or jurisdiction-wide level. Progress has often been contentious and difficult, but is now picking up speed. As digital opportunities continue to expand, new cloud-based collaboration will be required across jurisdictional boundaries. Local governments will need to partner with other local governments, state governments with other state governments, and state and local governments with each other and the federal government as well as with private sector providers. This webinar will explore such opportunities, primarily through case studies from Michigan and Ohio. By the end of the session we would like all participants to have a clearer sense of what kinds of cross-boundary collaboration are now under way, what approaches need more attention, and how to get started in the upcoming post-election period.


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