Keynote with Don Yaeger | The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling: Increase Influence, Captivate Customers, and Develop Deeper Relationships
Don Yaeger has been called “one of America’s greatest storytellers” by many of today’s great business and thought leaders.

Through decades of work and research in this space, Don has discerned the 10 Elements of a well-told story.

Now he’s structured those elements into a presentation that takes each audience member through a journey from their scribbled down ideas to a place where they are able to tell their story that provides lasting impact and deeper relationships.

Don’s teachings will fine-tune your ability to:

  • Know the right story to tell for the listener sitting before you
  • Be able to make that story resonate and evoke the proper response
  • Understand when to use credibility-building detail within the telling of your story
  • Connect your story in a way that prompts valuable response and action from the listener

Session at the NASCIO 2023 Midyear Conference

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