Keynote with Ginger Kerrick | Leadership Lessons from Mission Control

For more than 50 years, NASA’s Mission Control has been pulling off miracles on a regular basis. Ginger Kerrick gives audiences an insider’s look at the values and culture behind NASA’s ability to innovate and keep America’s astronauts safe.
With vivid stories from her own years at the helm of Mission Control, Kerrick celebrates the toughness and vigilance of her teams and offers lessons from her own evolution as a leader. Most importantly, she walks audiences through the wave of revitalization in the ranks of NASA leadership responsible for the successes of the past few decades — from the International Space Station and the Mars Rover to the SpaceX Crew Dragon — showing leaders how they can leverage the Mission Control model in their own organizations to chart a course for growth, resilience and excellence.

Session at the NASCIO 2022 Annual Conference

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