The Intersection of Workforce, Innovation and the Cloud – The Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learned

“Innovation and Transformation through Technology” has arrived on the list of State CIO Top 10 Priorities for 2020. “Cloud Services” continues to make a strong showing in the top three. We are in a new era when most people are working remote which requires new methods for communicating and leading. The current circumstances related to COVID19 bring with them unprecedented challenges that have given rise to rapid adoption of new ways to do work, new kinds of work, new skills, and new ways to manage and enable the state workforce. Learn how state CIOs are introducing new perspectives and initiatives to prepare for these changes that are ushering in a new state CIO operating model requiring new skills, knowledge and experiences. Learn how CIOs are purposeful in their communications and engagement with state employees in their organization in order to fulfill the changing mission of the state CIO.

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