Top Ten Talks: Enterprise IT Governance

David McCurdy, CTO, Colorado, presented Enterprise IT Governance during Top Ten Talks at the NASCIO 2017 Annual Conference in Austin, TX.

Speaker has just 5 minutes to deliver a focused talk on one of the CIO Top Ten Priorities.
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Successful Metadata Management Strategy and Implementation for State Government

Effective metadata management is no longer an option, but an absolute requirement for state governments and federal agencies looking to enable their master data management and data governance initiatives.  Without proper metadata management their IT departments cannot manage their systems and ensure that they are providing the true value to the agency.

This practical course leverages the lessons learned from successful metadata management programs and it explains:
•    Metadata Management Fundamentals
•    Business vs. Technical Metadata
•    Metadata Management Use Cases
•    Metadata ROI
•    Metadata Management and Data Management

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State CIO Top Ten Policy and Technology Priorities for 2018

NASCIO conducts a survey of the state CIOs to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government. The CIOs top ten priorities are identified and used as input to NASCIO’s programs, planning for conference sessions, and publications.





Managing Software Risk in a Multi-Sourced Environment

This webinar focused on business related software risk.  This is the risk that organizations face that is inherent in systems and applications.  There are three levels of risk associated with the structure of systems.  They include the system level, the technology level and the code level.  In this webinar, we explored the magnitude of risk attributable to each of these layers.

Systems and applications in the 21st Century enterprise are highly complex involving many layers and components, technologies, languages.  All of this complexity creates risk.  Add to this the advent of cloud, mobile, and new approaches to development such as agile and we find mission critical business processes are supported by highly complex portfolio of technology and development that must be orchestrated by an overall architecture.

We explored what can be done about managing this complexity and the inherent risk that accompanies it. You will learn about the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) and recent legislation that demonstrates the importance government is placing on this type of risk at the federal and state level.

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Blockchains: Moving Digital Government Forward in the States

This brief will open the discussion about blockchains and the potential impact on state government.  We won’t delve into the mechanics of blockchains, nor the potential for proliferation of new “e-currencies.”  We want to open the door to the world of blockchains through a variety of conversations with leaders in state government and industry in order to begin discussions regarding where blockchain technology can serve the mission of state government.





Data Strategy: Essential for State Governments

All state governments need a guided approach to managing their data and information to obtain the maximum value for success in a challenging environment.  An Enterprise Data/Information Management (EDM/EIM) initiative provides the framework for a state to deliver real information knowledge and provide true value to their citizens.  This session provides the framework of the domain known as enterprise data / information management, explains its essential components, gives the reasons that state governments should create a sustained data management program, and demonstrates some benefits that successful state EDM/EIM programs have achieved.

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Managing Change: How the Indiana County/State Data Sharing Initiative Mapped Its Way to Success

All 92 Indiana counties have voluntarily provided key geospatial data with the Indiana Geographic Information Office. One hundred percent cooperation was not easy and it took several years to accomplish. This presentation focuses on the drivers that encouraged the effort and the resistors that hampered success and how managing both sides of the change equation worked in Indiana.


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Better Decisions, Better Government: Effective Data Management Through a Coordinated Approach

This report describes the basics of how to get started with a data management discipline. It maintains a simple approach to gaining support including governance, bringing together the right stakeholders, and establishing a compelling business case. This report is the second in a series of reports that deals with WHY is data management important; HOW does state government get started.



Value and Vulnerability: The Internet of Things in a Connected State Government

States are finding that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) can improve efficiency, reduce waste and connect citizens to state services in faster and more affordable ways. But with that value comes vulnerability. States must consider security, privacy, accessibility and standardization when crafting a roadmap for IoT. This policy brief describes ways that states are currently implementing IoT, possibilities for the coming years, and recommendations on avoiding difficulties along the way.



Top Ten Talks: Enterprise Vision and Roadmap for IT

Top Ten Talks session at the NASCIO 2016 Midyear Conference in Baltimore, MD.

Speaker has just 5 minutes to deliver a focused talk on one of the CIO Top Ten Priorities.


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