NASCIO Issues Playbook on Enterprise Portfolio Management for States

LEXINGTON, Ky., Tuesday, April 25, 2023 —today, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released a report titled Actively Managing the IT Investment Portfolio: A Playbook for State Government. The playbook is a culmination of months of research, interviews and webinars on the topic and highlights some of the leading state government work in creating and maturing a strategic enterprise-wide portfolio management (EPM) program. The playbook includes key recommendations for states to consider in their EPM journey which emphasize collaboration with other states, establishing clearly defined business requirements and strong organization among the enterprise portfolio management team.

However, the heart of the publication is the six essential plays for effective EPM, which are included in the report and also a companion, two-page easy reference document. The six plays are what states and territories should employ at the early stages of creating an enterprise portfolio management discipline and they are:

  • Play 1: Build a Compelling Business Case
  • Play 2: Make EPM an Established Office Within the Office of the State CIO
  • Play 3: Establish Governance for EPM
  • Play 4: Build a Collaborative Working Relationship With Agencies, Boards and Commissions
  • Play 5: Establish a Framework for EPM That Includes IT Investment Management
  • Play 6: Guidance on Capabilities, Disciplines and Tools That Support EPM

The publication and easy reference document can be found on NASCIO’s website:

Meredith Ward
Deputy Executive Director
National Association of State Chief Information Officers
[email protected]