State CIOs Focus on People First in Meeting Current and Future IT Demands

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Wednesday, October 10, 2022The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) and Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC, recently acquired by Guidehouse, released today the 2022 State CIO Survey, The People Imperative. The report examines key issues related to critical success factors for the state CIO, workforce, enterprise portfolio management and others. The state CIO survey, published annually for the last 13 years, includes responses from 51 state and territory CIOs.

The year 2022 continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but state CIOs are also looking to the post-pandemic future and thinking about long-term impacts to the state technology landscape. In addition to the topics listed above, the survey covers a broad range of subjects like CIO business models, federal funding, privacy and state and local collaboration. However, the pervasive topic in nearly every part of the survey is the challenge of maintaining and growing a diverse and sustainable workforce.

“Ensuring that states have the current and future IT workforce necessary continues to be a major pain point for state CIOs,” said NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson. “It’s clear that CIOs are thinking about how they will retain the staff needed to meet the demands for digital services today and in the future.”

“Workforce challenges are impacting everything from the ability to secure staff, developing and maintaining relationships with the private sector, delivering digital services, collaborating across government and the role of the CIO,” said Graeme Finley, partner at Guidehouse. “CIOs told us this is a make-or-break situation in every state across the country.”

The complete report is available on NASCIO’s website

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