The Path Forward: Life and Work After COVID-19

Session from the NASCIO 2020 Midyear Webcast Series

Panel: Mike Hussey, CIO, UT | Calvin Rhodes, CIO, GA | Ervan Rodgers, CIO, OH | Rob Atkinson, President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

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Not Business as Usual: Technology and Process Innovations

Session from the NASCIO 2020 Midyear Webcast Series

Panel: Michael Leahy, CIO, MD | Nelson Moe, CIO, VA | Ed Toner, CIO, NE | Jeff Wann, CIO, MO

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Technology Forecast 2020: What State and Local Government Technology Officials Can Expect (webinar)

This popular, annual webinar, presented by PTI and NASCIO, provides an overview of the pressing technology issues that will be impacting state and local governments for the coming year.

Doug Robinson, Executive Director, NASCIO, and Alan Shark, Executive Director, PTI will share their views of the technology landscape based on recent research activities and conversations with state and local government technology leaders.

NASCIO’s Slide Deck | PTI’s Slide Deck

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The Future State CIO: How the Role will Drive Innovation

This report presents the results of a joint Accenture/NASCIO research project exploring the future role of the state CIO and how the state CIO will drive innovation.

The research included interviews and a survey of state CIOs to understand the role of state CIOs in promoting innovation in government.

  • The study explored how state IT organizations build the capacity to innovate and which best practices help in doing so.
  • We also examined how state CIOs embrace new and emerging technologies to create the best government outcomes.
  • Our report illuminates compelling opportunities, persistent obstacles, strategies for accelerating innovation and inspiring real-world case studies.
  • The report presents a set of practical recommendations for driving innovation.


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State CIO Top Ten Policy and Technology Priorities for 2020

NASCIO conducts a survey of the state CIOs to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government. The CIOs top ten priorities are identified and used as input to NASCIO’s programs, planning for conference sessions, and publications.


Award Recipient | North Carolina: Women, Infants and Children Benefits in the Mobile Application Age

State IT Recognition Awards Recipient in the category Digital Government: Government to Citizen

Award Recipient | Minnesota: Preparing for Emergencies: Medical PreCheck & Locator App

State IT Recognition Awards Recipient in the category Digital Government: Government to Business


The 2019 State CIO Survey

In its 10th iteration, the 2019 State CIO Survey, The Responsive State CIO: Connecting to the Customer, takes a deep dive into how state IT leaders are targeting their responses to customer needs, in addition to managing the evolving IT responsibilities of state leaders. The survey is a joint publication of NASCIO, Grant Thornton LLP and CompTIA and includes responses from 49 state and territory CIOs on a range of issues. Two new topics for this year are customer relationship management and state and local collaboration. The 2019 State CIO Survey also highlights CIO business models, IT cost management, workforce, cybersecurity, performance management, acquisition, cloud services, digital government, data management and analytics and emerging technologies.


Ask the Executive Directors: NASCIO and PTI Address the State and Local Government Technology Landscape (webinar)

During this interactive webinar, Doug Robinson, Executive Director of NASCIO, and Alan Shark, Executive Director of PTI shared their views with regards to the state and local government technology landscape while answering questions submitted by attendees during the Q & A portion.

View NASCIO’s Slide Deck  |  View PTI’s Slide Deck

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The State CIO Operating Model: A Playbook for Managing Change in a Sustainable Way

This is the fourth in our NASCIO series “The CIO Operating System:  Managing Change in a Sustainable Way.”  It is also the culmination of the work from NASCIO’s project team and a partnership with Integris Applied, Inc., a corporate member of NASCIO, that began in January of 2018.  This is a playbook of eleven plays that any state or territory can utilize in order to move into a new operating model.  This operating model creates a highly disciplined state CIO organization that proactively engages with state agencies, understands current and emerging program and citizen needs, as well as maintains market awareness of current and emerging trends and offerings.  Moving into and maturing this model is essential for each state and territory to effectively map capability demand with capability supply.

This report looks to the past in that it is the highlight and culmination of the first year of this special project, synthesizing all the previous work which includes three reports, a recorded webinar, a survey of state CIOs.    It looks to the future in that the plays will be further developed with necessary guidance on how to effectively execute these eleven plays.  The next big push in this project will be the development of the “DevOps” for the new multisourcing operating model.  This playbook then becomes the launching point for the future.  In many ways this report and the project that produced it is an inflexion point coincident with NASCIO’s 50th anniversary.  Much has been accomplished within the NASCIO community in the past 50 years.  And we celebrate all of that.  Then we look to the future and consider “what is possible?”  This playbook is the first step into that future.  So fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the next major phase.  Its going to be a wonderful ride!